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UK Announces Greek Passengers No Longer Have to Quarantine

Tourists from Greece will now be able to travel to the UK without having to be quarantined.

After much deliberation, the UK has finally included Greece on the list of fifty-nine countries where international travelers will not be obligated to quarantine for 14 days.

The announcement came on Friday, July 3, when the British government released the list to the public, including countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Germany and Turkey. This new mandate will come into effect in the UK on Friday, June 10.

Countries including the US, Canada and Portugal that are not on the list will have its international travelers placed in self-isolation for 14 days upon arriving.

Tourists from the list of “free” countries who had previously visited a country not on the list will also be required to to be quarantined for the same period. This decision applies to all forms of transportation in the UK, including by train, ferry, bus, plane, etc.

Before leaving for the UK, tourists will need to fill out a special form informing of their location and present it to the authorities upon arrival – this also applies to permanent residents of the country as well.

A recent statement has announced that decisions for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will also be made in due time by local authorities.

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