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Situation on Samos Deteriorates as Migrant Flows Continue to Arrive

Refugees and Migrants on the island of Samos. Credit:

The situation on the Greek island of Samos is deteriorating as days go by, due to the huge number of refugees and migrants that have reached the island’s shores over the last few months.

Following the serious clashes that erupted inside and out of the island’s migrant camp on Monday morning near the town of Vathy, a series of protests have taken place during last week.

Hundreds of refugees and migrants have been protesting by hindering traffic on many of Samos’ streets and roads, demanding their transfer from the island.

On the other hand, the local communities of Eastern Samos and their authorities have been protesting too, demanding for the situation to change, as their streets are packed with desperate people who want their asylum applications to proceed.

Students, business owners and other permanent residents of Samos demand the immediate transfer of the thousands of asylum seekers who now live there to other places in Greece and Europe.

The facilities to accommodate asylum seekers on the island are far from enough to cover the needs of the additional thousands of people who reached the island from Turkey over the last couple of months.

The situation seems to have reached a turning point, and Greek national authorities have to act soon if they want to preserve public order and calmness on the island before serious social unrest erupts.

For this reason, police and political officials have been visiting the island to assess the situation and decide about the next steps.

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