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Ryanair Launches 14 New Routes To and From Greece for 2020

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost airline, announced recently that it will add fourteen new routes to and from Greece in 2020.

These new routes will come in addition to its already-massive network of flights which connect most of the country’s mainland and island airports with every corner of Europe.

”Greek consumers and visitors can now book their holidays on 147 routes as far out as October 2020, flying on the lowest fares and with the greenest, cleanest major airline in Europe, with the lowest CO2 emissions,” the company’s announcement noted.

”Ryanair… is delighted to launch its Summer 2020 schedule, which includes 14 new summer routes to destinations such as France, Italy, and Germany from Greece. Ryanair’s 147 Summer 2020 routes will deliver 6.6 million customers per annum and support over 4,950 jobs across 13 Greek airports,” company spokesman David O’Brien said.

The new routes will cover the summer period of next year, which typically expands from April until October.

The following are the new Ryanair routes:

Athens – Barcelona, three times per week.
Athens – Madrid, three times per week.
Athens – Nuremberg, two times per week.
Athens – Toulouse, two times per week.
Chania – Marseille, two times per week.
Cephalonia – Bologna, two times per week.
Cephalonia to Frankfurt, two times per week.
Kalamata to Gdansk, two times per week.
Kalamata to Milan, one time per week.
Kavala to Bucharest, one time per week.
Rhodes to Prague, two times per week.
Thessaloniki to Amman, two times per week.
Thessaloniki to Prague, two times per week.
Thessaloniki to Bordeaux, two times per week.

In total, Ryanair expects to transport more than six million people to travel to and from Greece during the year 2020.

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