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Rare Spring Snow Blankets Large Parts of Northern Greece

The city of Arnaea. Photo credit: Stergios Karastergios /

Millions of Greeks from the northern parts of the country woke up on Thursday, April 2, only to see a completely white and wintry scene outside of their houses, amid the strict coronavirus lockdown.

Not only mountainous villages but also large towns and cities from West and Central Macedonia saw a thick blanket of snow covering their rooftops, cars and streets.

Of course, Northern Greece is used to low temperatures and snow, but even for their standards, such an intense snowfall in April is rare.

The city of Kastoria in West Macedonia. Photo Credit: Ioannis Ioannidis /

Cities such as Florina, Kastoria, Kozani and Naoussa as well as numerous villages surrounding them received large amounts of snow beginning on Wednesday morning.

All of Thessaloniki’s northern suburbs received heavy snowfall on Wednesday and Thursday morning as well.

Many were joking on social media that this must be some kind of cruel April Fool’s prank, but it was indeed reality, as the weather in Greece has been widely unsettled for several days now after an unusually mild winter.

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