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Mother and Son Drown Inside Car Discovered at the Bottom of the Sea off Drapetsona

The dockyard near the location where the fatal incident occurred

Greek authorities have discovered two bodies inside a car which had sunk to the bottom of the sea off Neos Molos, in Drapetsona, Greece.

The vehicle was found 32 meters (105 feet) under the surface of the sea, and the bodies retrieved from the car belong to a mother and her son.

According to media reports, the two victims are the brother and the mother of Panagiotis Mavrikos, the newspaper publisher who tragically died inside his car in 2016, when it caught fire on the Attiki Odos highway in Athens.

Along with the two victims, there were also two dogs inside the car, one of which managed to escape by swimming out, eventually reaching land.

The reasons behind this stunning new tragedy for the Mavrikos family are still unclear, but there are reports suggesting that large quantities of medicinal drug tablets were found inside the car, raising concerns about whether this was an accident or some type of a deliberate act.


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