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Is Glamorous Camping About to Take Off in Greece?

Greece is taking steps to regulate “Glamping”, a popular term referring to  “glamorous camping”, as the concept continues to gain in popularity throughout the country.

Although available in Greece since 2012, the country will now insist that normal tourism regulations are enforced for hotels and camping sites which offer this type of accommodations.

Throughout the world, glamping offers tourists the opportunity to live in structures which were purposely built to blend into nature. The structures, which sometimes are nothing more than elaborate tents, often include high-end services, and tourists can pay hefty prices for the privilege of living in luxury while staying in harmony with nature.

Under the new regulations, a five-year certification will be issued to hotels and campsites offering glamping.

Requirements will include the construction of underground infrastructure networks which provide water, electricity, and sewage facilities, as well as proper access roads to the sites.

Additionally, sites offering glamping will need to be careful to harmonize with nature, while erecting only semi-permanent structures, and the owners must guarantee that all materials used at the site are environmentally-friendly.

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