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Hotel Housing For Refugees in Greece To Be Greatly Reduced in 2020

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Sixty of the 93 hotel facilities provided to asylum-seekers will be closed in 2020, according to Greece’s Migration and Asylum Policy Minister Notis Mitarakis, who spoke on the issue on Thursday.

Official figures have disclosed that 25,503 refugees and asylum-seekers were being housed in these facilities as of May 25, 2020.

The program is largely supported by the Emergency Support to Integration and Accommodation program, which provides urban accommodation and financial aid to refugees and asylum-seekers in Greece. The program is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union.

Minister Mitarakis made his announcement about closing the facilities while speaking at a seminar to train 32 governors, who will be in charge of supervising the remaining temporary hospitality facilities.

“It will be the first time that these facilities will have governors, who will report directly to the Greek State,” he explained during his address.

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