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Greek Students Create Smartphone App to Combat Sea Pollution

Photo Credit: Facebook/ocLean

Students from the General and Technical High School of the American Farm School in Thessaloniki have developed a real-time marine pollution detection application for smartphones.

The “ocLean AFS” (from the words “ocean clean”) app is innovative software which aims to help rid the sea bottom of plastic bags and bottles, along with glass and aluminum items. It enables the user to not only detect the debris but also to immediately communicate the problem to the relevant authorities in just a few steps.

The band-new app is the work of 18 students working under the supervision of Mathematics Professor Melina Brozou, who manages the project.

Photo credit: Facebook/ocLean

How exactly does the new app work?

As soon as divers, fishermen and swimmers detect any polluting objects, they mark its  exact location on the map. They then report the object they have identified and select the size and type of pollution (plastic, glass, aluminum, and so on). After the debris type is recorded, the application’s map – which is equipped with GPS (from Google map) — gives the exact coordinates of the area in question.

When the indicators are red on the app’s shared map, it means that polluted areas have been detected. When the indicators turn to green, it means that the problem has been resolved and the area has been cleaned.

The history of the actions taken is recorded on the map, and the app also has the ability to upload “before” and “after” photos of the sites.

Τhe ocLean project will participate in the Panhellenic School Competition for “Best Virtual Enterprise 2020,” which will be part of the Junior Achievement Greece event taking place at the Mediterranean Cosmos in Thessaloniki on February 28.


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