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Greek Scientists to 3D Print Ventilator Valves For Coronavirus Patients

Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University (AUTH) will 3D printing around 50 ventilator valves each day to help cope with the shortages that could be created due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Athens-Macedonia News Agency reported on Saturday.

According to the report, the university staff and equipment of the Engineering and Mechanical Design Laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at AUTH have been placed at the service of the National Public Health Organization (EODY).

“With a sense of responsibility to society, AUTH clearly supports in every possible way the national effort to deal with an unprecedented situation,” Professor Nikos Papaioannou said.

“Producing ventilator valves with this technique that will be used in intensive care for people at risk is not a research or experimental process. And that’s why we announced it after careful consideration and subject to the most stringent criteria,” he added.

“If the existing stocks are exhausted and no critical new part can be replenished with all the necessary certifications, then we can help,” Athanasios Michaelides, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering added.

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