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Greek Army Publishes Video Showing Actions During Evros Border Crisis

A Greek soldier in Evros. Screenshot from Youtube video

The Hellenic (Greek) National Defense General Staff (GEETHA) published a video on Wednesday showing the timeline of the events that led up to the recent border crisis in Evros.

The Evros crisis began in late February, when the Turkish leadership openly encouraged thousands of refugees and migrants to travel to the land border between Greece and Turkey in the region of the Evros River.

Greece, defending not only its own border but the external border of the European Union as well, managed, at first on its own, and later with the assistance of the EU, to deter thousands of migrants, including some refugees, who were attempting to enter the country illegally.

The video shows how Turkey was behind all the developments of this event from the very beginning, at the very same time Ankara was openly accusing Greece of being ”inhumane.”

It also shows the response of the Greek armed forces, which were immediately mobilized to protect the territorial integrity of the country and the security of the European Union as a whole.

The video concludes with a message from the chief of the Greek National Defense General Staff, General Constantinos Floros, who exhorted his people to ”Have a soul and a heart made of steel, keep Greece in there and be sure that nobody is able to even touch us without paying a very heavy cost.

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