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Greece Calls for Volunteers to Assist the Country’s Healthcare System

The Greek authorities issued on Monday a national call for volunteers to assist the National Health System of the country in its ongoing effort to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

The state is now asking for volunteer doctors, nurses, psychologists, and paramedics, as well as students or pensioners to pool their efforts and work for their fellow Greek citizens at this crucial time.

”Offering help is essential to address the disproportionate needs that have arisen,” the Greek Ministry of Health said on Monday.

This move has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with the general public being split about the volunteer appeal.

Those in favor of the move are arguing that the situation is so critical that everyone must help in this national effort.

Those who disapprove of the plea, however, claim that the role of the state is to hire all the professionals it needs, instead of relying on volunteers.

The Greek government has already gone ahead with the hiring of 2,000 doctors, nurses and paramedics, and it has even taken some hospitals in the private sector under public control.

However, opposition parties in Greece continue to ask that the state undertake additional hiring to ameliorate the critical healthcare situation in the country.

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