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From “Eurovision” to “Tsitsipas,” Here’s What Greeks Googled in 2019

People all across Greece once again turned to Google for all the answers in 2019. Google has just revealed its “2019 Year In Search,” a look at the top trending searches of the year in nations all over the world, and the results are, as always, a mirror of popular trends in society.

The list includes everything from news and entertainment to the classic, “What is…” query. “Year in Search” results are an annual tradition that reveals the zeitgeist of the nation, and for 2019 it appears Greeks were mostly interested in entertainment and sport.

The top search in Greece was about the Eurovision song contest, followed by searches on “where do I vote” and “earthquake.”

In the area of special search categories, searches for Greek tennis sensation Stefanos Tsitsipas came on top in the list of all celebrities.

The television show “Power of Love” came out on top regarding television queries, the Thessaloniki football club PAOK was the most-searched term in sports, and in the realm of recipes, Greeks searched most for the delicious “Shrimp macaroni” dish.

Leading the “What is…” questions for 2019 was the word “Mensa,” the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, followed by queries about 2018’s “Prespa Agreement” between Greece and North Macedonia. In third place came inquiries about “coulis,” a type of sauce made from puréed and strained vegetables or fruits.

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