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Freezing Temperatures Ahead as Siberian Cold Expected to Sweep Across Europe

A snowy scene in Karpenisi, Central Greece. File photo

The currently unseasonably warm and sunny weather prevailing across Greece is expected to be followed by extremely cold temperatures which will make thermometers nosedive down to 18°C in the space of a few hours, beginning on Tuesday night.

According to the most recent weather forecast issued by the ”Meteo” service of the National Observatory of Athens, the incoming cold air masses will affect the weather in Greece during the three days between Wednesday and Friday.

The main features of the upcoming weather front will be a significant drop in temperatures, with snowfall, which will occur even in low-altitude areas, accompanied by wintry winds from the north.

These cold air masses, originating from Siberia, will affect not only Greece but all of Europe, with the exception of Portugal, Spain, France and Ireland on the western coast of the continent.

The highest temperatures in many parts of northern Greece during the coming days are not expected to exceed the freezing point, or 0°C (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

This will result in widespread frost occurring in areas such as Florina and Kastoria in West Macedonia.

Additionally, the strong northerly winds accompanying the front will make the wind chill drop in cities such as Florina, where temperatures may feel as cold as -17°C (1 degree F).

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