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Coronavirus: Greek Schools in Italy Close, Ed Min Bans Educational Trips

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Greek Education Minister Niki Kerameos has decided to suspend all student educational trips planned to Italy and also shut down ten Greek schools operating in the neighboring country, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

There are ten Greek schools in Italy. Specifically, two are in Milan and eight in central and southern Italy. The students are to return to Greece as soon as possible, with the departure procedures coordinated by the Greek Ministry of Health.

The spread of Covid-19 in Italy has been very fast, with 3 deaths and 159 confirmed cases in 48 hours. The cases are concentrated in the north part of the country, yet Italian authorities take precautionary measure to prevent further spreading of the disease.

Twelve cities in the north of the country have been put on quarantine. Especially in the regions of Lombardy and Veneto. Schools and universities are to close for at least a week, while authorities ordered the temporary shutting down of museums and cinemas

“I cannot understand how our country has the most cases,” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, assuring that “the necessary measures have been taken from the beginning.”

For his part, the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, demanded that his city’s schools remain closed next week in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus. As he emphasized, it is possible to postpone major expositions planned for the immediate future.

Another measure in particular is the cancellation of the last two days of the Venice Carnival festivities, which is a major blow in the country’s tourism. Also, several games of the Italian  Campionato (Football League) that were scheduled for Sunday have been cancelled.



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