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Coronavirus: Five Tons of Chloroquine Sent to Greece from India

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Five tons of the malaria-fighting medication called chloroquine was sent recently from India to Greece, after the Greek government managed to secure this enormous quantity of the drug to equip its National Health Service.

The use of chloroquine has been described by the World Health Organization as ”promising” in combatting the COVID-19 coronavirus.

”Chloroquine is a drug that has been tested and its early results suggest that it may have a positive effect on the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection,” said Dimitris Philippou, president of the Greek National Medicines Agency, or EOF.

The Greek medical industry has already begun its production of chloroquine as well.

According to Philippou, who spoke on Thursday with the public broadcaster ERT1, the drug will be available as early as tomorrow, Friday, beginning with the country’s hospitals.

Chloroquine, a medication which has been primarily used to prevent and treat malaria, has been on the market since the 1940’s.

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