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Blind Greek Student Initially Rejected by University Graduates With Distinction

A blind Greek student graduated in Physics with distinction at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, despite being initially refused entry due to his disability.

Argyris Koumtzis received his degree last week in a touching ceremony at the university where he took the oath in front of hundreds of students and teaching staff.

His story is one of determination and struggle against the odds, as in 2014 he was refused entry to study Physics. He was told that his disability would not allow him to attend, as the course included work at laboratories and that university textbooks could not be produced in braille.

The case gained a lot of publicity and sparked backlash among the Greek academic community. The Ministry of Education was forced to change the rules so that Koumtzis could enroll.

Five years later, Koumtzis is not just a proud graduate of the Greek university but he has also been accepted for a doctorate degree at Germany’s Max Planc University, specializing in solar and space physics.

“A five-year journey has reached its end. My dear Argyris we feel very proud of you. Only you know how hard it was for you to reach this goal,” his father Sotiris Koumtzis, who is also blind, said in a statement.

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