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Athens Refutes Turkish Claims that Greece ”Systematically Annihilated Turks and Muslims”

Alexandros Gennimatas, the spokesperson for the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued a statement on Friday in response to the provocative Turkish allegations against Greece published on Thursday.

”Turkey’s insistence on distorting history is unbecoming of a modern state,” Gennimatas asserted.

”We call on Turkey to reflect on its historical responsibilities, especially regarding its conduct towards the Greek minority. Turkey should follow Greece’s example and, at long last, work to consolidate good neighborly relations in our region and, of course, its European perspective,” the Ministry’s statement declared.

This latest uproar all began on Thursday, when the spokesperson for the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hami Aksoy, made serious allegations against Greece following Greek President Pavlopoulos’ official visit to Armenia.

Aksoy said that ”Turkey has never forgotten the atrocities committed by Greece against Turks and other citizens of the Ottoman Empire,” going on to charge that ”Greece has systematically annihilated Turks and Muslims in the region during and after the period of independence from the Ottoman Empire.”

This full-on attack from the Turkish official even included statements such as ”Greece continues its inhumane practices against its Turkish minorities,” obviously referring to the Muslim, not Turkish, minority of Western Thrace.

Turkey still angrily responds to every motion or statement issued by world leaders and officials in regard to the Armenian Genocide of 1915, which was officially acknowledged by the US House of Representatives recently, in a resolution backed by massive bipartisan support.

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